About Us


The Wire Guy

  My name is James Miller and I have a unique blend of audio &  video skills, that combined with my 10 years in the low voltage industry  makes me the perfect installer for your wiring job 


Residential Technology

Installing AV and wiring for the future is the focus of my company. Whether your building a new home  or have a major remodel, now is the time to get it wired. Retrofits welcomed as well.


Hire the right guy for the job

Don't be over-sold on proprietary "systems" and automation, tech should be easy to use with free apps & web control if planned & installed correctly. Electricians do high voltage well but don't rely on someone who doesn't know the industry to wire your home. Give the Bay Area Wire Guy a call to discuss your next project.

New home construction, retrofits or adding home theater & IP cameras. 

"We know what we're doing"